Employee Portal Help

Welcome to the Employee Portal : The Online Web-Portal to access and manage your personal information.

The Employee Portal is a secure, web-based portal that enables you to review and manage data as it relates to your employment.

We hope that you find this tool both useful and informative. 

Video Tutorial: Registering for WebSense

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First time users – Registering to access the employee portal:

1. Click the appropriate link for your organization: FCSU  l  BFA/NWTC  l  SACS  l  FFCS l SATEC

    This will bring you to the main page of your district’s employee portal.


2. In the top, right corner of the screen, click the “register” link.


3. Fill in all the required fields.


Your user ID: preferably the first part of your work email address

Your password: should contain at least seven characters

 Remember to record this information in a safe place.


4. Click the “Register” link located at the bottom center of your screen.

You will see a prompt that an email including a verification code has been sent to the email address you provided.

You may close the tab at this point.

5.  Go to your email inbox and open the message referenced above.  If you do not see a message please check your spam folder.

6.  Included in this email is a link that you must use to complete your registration.  Clicking this link will return you to the portal and pre- fill your username and verification code fields: all you must do is fill in your         password.  Click the link.

7.  Fill in your password, then click “login.”

  8.  The system is now asking you to provide 3 pieces of identifying information. Complete these fields and click “register.”

  9.  The system will now show you your demographic information. If this is you, click “link.”

Congratulations! On your screen you should menu bar with links to “Home” and “Employee Information.” Click on “Employee Information” to access your data. When finished remember to log out by clicking the link in the upper, right-hand area of your screen.  

Now that you are a portal member, you will “login” by selecting your district and entering your user name and password. If it is warranted in your situation, you must repeat the registration process for that district. [i.e., if you are paid through the SU and wish to see your information there]. 

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the following individuals for additional information:



Log In/Access Concerns: Germaine Cross
FCSU/BFA/NWTC Payroll Information: Kathleen Robistow
SATEC/SACS/FF Payroll Information: Cathy Waine
All Benefits Information: Germaine Cross
Financial Information: Martha Gagner
Personnel Information: Karen Dantzscher