BFA Academic Departments


The academic programming at Bellows Free Academy centers around the student as an individual with his/her own interests, needs, and goals. BFA strives to provide meaningful opportunities and multiple pathways that constantly challenge our students and help prepare them for whatever the future has in store.


The tailoring of such individualized programs necessitates close cooperation among students, teachers, parents and school counselors. BFA offers a great variety of classes designed to help our students foster their individual talents and goals.  


With course offerings such as Advanced Placement Classes, Dance, Music, Performing and Visual Arts, World Languages & Classics, and Design Technology classes, there is something here for everyone!





The Business Education Department believes that it should offer educational programs geared to the aptitudes, abilities, interests, aims, and needs of the students it serves. Each student must be challenged to exert genuine effort in the acquisition of desirable skills and concepts. The Department should assist students in defining and fulfilling individual objectives and guide them in making mature decisions.


Design Technology


The Academy Technology program features curriculum designed for students with a keen interest in all aspects of Technology. Students who enroll in any of the classes will focus on any one or a combination of the three main areas; Engineering, Communications and Fabrication. The curriculum provides a structured focus for each specific technology area. Each class’s specific content prepares students through focusing on STEM concepts and will better prepare students across all disciplines, for a variety of post-graduation choices.


Driver’s Education





The English Department provides opportunities for all learners to improve their literacy skills through the study of literature.  In their English classes, students read closely and critically to comprehend a range of increasingly complex literary texts.  Also, students produce effective writing for a range of purposes and audiences.




The Guidance Department serves all students at BFA We strive to maintain a comprehensive guidance curriculum that continues to meet Vermont education standards. Our curriculum includes:

  • Academic Development
  • Career Development
  • Personal/Social Development

To ensure that each student has sufficient support, students are divided alphabetically and are assigned to one of our five counselors. We also are pleased to include Deb Kalkstein-Lamb, a Student Assistance Counselor. In addition to issues addressed by our other counselors, Ms. Kalkstein-Lamb focuses on working with students on substance use and anger management.

The Guidance Department currently offers individual and group counseling. In addition to these available services, we consider it our job to advocate for all students, including identifying and supporting students struggling academically or personally. Individual counseling includes personal and social support, course selection, career guidance, and peer mediation. The student population is assessed yearly to determine what type of groups are needed.

The involvement of parents in their child’s education is highly significant for that child’s success in education. Often this becomes more difficult when children graduate from elementary school into the high school. Our department holds programs that are geared toward helping  parents remain involved. Some of these programs include parent conference nights and programs regarding post-secondary education.


Media Center / Library





The Mathematics Department has developed a curriculum that is designed to meet the needs of every student at BFA. We offer courses so that each student can take courses that are appropriate for his or her mathematical development.  The courses are carefully sequenced to provide reinforcement of previously learned concepts and sequential development of new material.  Each course has prerequisites that are designed to ensure that every student will have a high probability of success.


Physical Education

Welcome to the BFA Physical Education Department

The most fun you can have in a required course!

Physical Education is a required course:

  • Three Trimesters or 1 ½ credits are required to graduate from B.F.A.
  • Students may receive P.E. credit for dance class as well as P.E. class.
  • Students may also have two trimesters of P.E. waived for playing athletics at B.F.A.
  • All students must take one trimester of P.E.




The Bellows Free Academy Science Department is a fantastic group of dynamic teachers that are willing to go the extra mile to ensure student learning and understanding. We are more like a “family” than a department! We work hard to create an environment that is conducive to learning while offering many strategies for students to demonstrate their levels of understanding.


Social Studies

The Social Studies department curriculum will open the world to students through a wide variety of courses ranging from core course such as Global Studies and Senior Civics to electives such as Advanced Placement Psychology and Anthropology /Native American Studies.  Social Studies department teachers are engaging, using the latest in technology and teaching methods, to broaden student interest to the greater world that exist beyond the local community.


Special Education



World Languages/Classics


The BFA World Language and Classics department welcomes you to join our ranks of enthusiastic language learners! We offer multiple levels of German, Latin, French and Spanish courses. During your time in our department, you will learn how to read, write, speak, and listen to the language(s) of your choice. Students will be exposed to multiple authentic instructional tools including textbooks, media, literature, music and film.


Learning a language is extremely valuable; it can help you improve your SAT scores, become a global citizen with enhanced communication skills to interface with the professional world, and achieve higher grades in your additional courses. Furthermore, many colleges and universities recommend or require several years of language study for admission. As a department, we value hard work, cultural exploration, and making learning fun! We look forward to having you in our classrooms.