Enroll / Exit BFA

Enrolling your child at BFA:

  1. Record Release Form

    Request for Student Records (348.8 KiB)

    1. Please fill in
      1. Students Name
      2. Date of Birth
      3. Grade or/and Class of ______
      4. Previous school’s information
    2. Sign and date at the bottom
  2. Student Enrollment Form:

    Enrollment Form (82.7 KiB)

    1. Call with any questions – Kelly Hirss at (802) 527-6570
  3. Primary/Home Language Survey (State required document):

    Primary Home Language Survey April 2014 (188.2 KiB)

    1. Basically just making sure the student’s primary language is English and if it’s not, BFA will provide a special teacher/class for them.
    2. Leave blank what you are unsure of and we will complete at the enrollment meeting
  4. You can view our Program of Studies (classes) here:

    Program of Studies: 2017/2018

    Program of Studies: 2016/2017

    Program of Studies 2016_2017 (1.6 MiB)

Return the paperwork (3 pages) to the guidance secretary and they will request your child’s records from the previous school. Once BFA receives the school records, the guidance secretary will call and make an enrollment appointment for you and your child to meet with his/her school counselor. At the meeting, you will develop a plan for your child to meet his/her goals. Please feel free to ask questions about BFA and any concerns you have for your child’s success.


Exiting your child from BFA:


Please contact the school you’re planning on transferring your child to and complete a record release form within at least two (2) weeks of his/her departure. The new school or you will send BFA’s Guidance Office the form, so BFA has permission to send your child’s records. Your child will need time to turn in school materials while having teachers complete an exit form with exiting grades.  This is important so students have every possible chance to continue and not lose credit at their new school.

Attention DCF Case Workers:

DCF Case Workers will need to complete an additional form:

DCF Student Enrollment Questions(1) (44.4 KiB)

Primary Home Language Survey April 2014
Primary Home Language Survey April 2014
188.2 KiB