Mr. J. Moulton



Introduction–Welcome to my webpage.  My classes are centered on relevant and authentic learning, which attempt to allow the students to see exactly how our politics and our history play a direct role in their current lives.


Purposes of This Website. This website has two general purposes:

1.  To serve as a link for students so they may access classroom agendas, resources, etc. that they may need due to absences, lost materials, etc.; and

2.  To involve parents in the teaching of our students.  Parents will be able to access this webpage whenever they desire and become well informed as to what their student is doing in our class, whether they review the daily agenda and/or access the resources that include all of the unit plan’s documents.


Class web pages:

We The People US History Vermont Studies


Closing. I am looking forward to using this webpage as a vehicle to maximize our students’ learning and allow them to take a limitless journey in discovering more about who they are as an American citizen.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.   My Contact Info


Thank you,

Mr. Jeff Moulton