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Physical Education is a required course:

  • Three semesters or 1 ½ credits are required to graduate from B.F.A.
  • Students may receive P.E. credit for dance class as well as P.E. class.
  • All students must take one trimester of P.E.


  • At the beginning of each trimester students choose what units they would like to participate in.
  • There are six units per trimester, each lasting ten days. Students generally have two to three activities to choose from every unit.
  • Students also have the option of taking P.E. at B.F.A. or at the Collins-Perley Sports Center, depending where the unit is being taught.


  • The B.F.A. physical education department’s curriculum is a standards based curriculum. It is aligned with the Vermont State Standards as well as the National Physical Education Standards.
  • Our assessments are also Standards Based.


  • Fall Trimester: Archery, Frisbee Golf, Flag Football, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Badminton, Team Handball, Volleyball, Wallyball.
  • Winter Trimester: Archery, Badminton, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Floor Hockey, Floor Hockey on Ice, Broomball, Wallyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball, Indoor Soccer, Whiffle Ball.
  • Spring Trimester: Archery, Ultimate Frisbee, Softball, Volleyball, Badminton, Floor Hockey, Table Tennis, Indoor Soccer, Team Handball, Wallyball, Table Tennis.



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Department Contact Info:


Krystal Norton

Dept Chair / 802.527. 6452 /
Patricia Bettinger

Teacher / 802.527. 6450 /
Josh Corrigan

Teacher / 802.527. 6532 /
Sarah Fabrizio

Teacher / 802.527. 6426 /

I was born in and raised in Enfield CT. I moved to Orono Maine to study Kinesiology and Physical Education. After graduation I moved to St. Albans to start teaching physical education for Bellows Free Academy. While teaching I enrolled in an outreach program for Southern New Hampshire University and received a Masters in Education. I enjoy exposing students to new activities and watching their learning. My goal for students who are enrolled in my class is, they find one physical activity that they enjoy and learn how to pursue that activity across their lifetime. When I am not teaching I also enjoy to write, ski, and coach for the VT Special Olympics.


Shawn Lefebvre

Teacher / 802.527. 6426 /