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Chris Mosca

Principal / 802.527. 6402 /
Shannon Warden

Assistant Principal for Curriculum/Staff Development / 802.527. 6558 /

As an undergraduate in college I was pre-med preparing to go to chiropractic college. In my fourth year I decided being a chiropractor was not what I wanted to do, I was looking for something more. I transferred colleges from Arizona State to the University of Vermont, wanting to return to Vermont. I was substitute teaching, training horses, giving riding lessons, and taking classes when with the guidance of former teachers  I knew I was meant to be an educator. Education, whether in a school or on a horse is not a job, it is a lifestyle and a passion. A life long learner myself I am always asking why and wanting to know more. I was in the classroom for 8 years teaching almost all areas of science and teaching students in all grades 7-12. In 2013 I returned to my birthplace, St. Albans, to be an administrator and proud member of the BFA community.

Geoff Lyons

Assistant Principal for Facilities / 802.527. 6553 /
Heather Fitzgibbons

Assistant Principal / 802.527. 6417 /
Preston Randall

Guidance Director / 802.527. 6572 /

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Business Dept


Mary Brouillette

Dept Chair / 802.527. 6425 /

I've been a teacher at BFA since 2004 after working at Cold Career Center in Enosburg Falls for eight years. I graduated from BFA St. Albans, St. Michael's College (Bachelor's in Business and Education), and received my Master's in Sports Management from The United States Sports Academy. When I'm not teaching you can find me enjoying time with friends and family, coaching, golfing, kayaking, biking, and hanging by the lake. My favorite sports teams are the New York Yankees, Boston Celtics, and the New England Patriots. My favorite foods are: Chicken and Biscuits, Cheesecake, Black Raspberry Ice Cream, Maple Creemees


Karen Chesser

Career Coach / 802.527. 6420 /
Barbara Fraser

Teacher / 802.527. 6422 /

Mission Statement:
I strive to strengthen students' talents and skills through life-long learning activities to inspire them to pursue excellence and achieve happy, fulfilled lives as productive adult citizens. I am a Bostonian! I love the Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots and Bruins. My passions are spending time with my family and animals, and teaching. I enjoy camping, cooking, kayaking, horseback riding, reading, theater, sewing, crocheting, quilting and knitting. Even though I grew up in the city, I consider myself a country girl at heart enjoying anything in nature. I love Vermont for all it has to offer, including the diverse beauty of all five seasons!



Edee McArtor

Teacher / 802.527. 6424 /

In addition to teaching, I have five years of Accounting experience with Eveready Battery Company and two years with Seventh Generation; besides BFA I've taught two years at North Country Union HS and five years at Colchester HS; I am married with two children (one in college, one in high school); in my high school I played volleyball, basketball, track and softball; played two years of college volleyball; I still run everyday and play in an adult volleyball league. I also have three cats and one dog!



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Design / Technology


Peter Symula

Dept Chair / 802.527. 6586 /
Brett Walker

Teacher / 802.527. 6586 /

I am originally from Zelienople, Pennsylvania. In 2004 I relocated to Vermont to be able to spend time in the mountains year round. I have many hobbies which include hiking, mountain biking, hunting, fishing, motorcycling and snowboarding. I also enjoy watching sporting events of all kinds. My Academy life revolves around teaching Engineering, Wood Design, Graphic Arts and CAD in the Design & Technology department. Additionally I am the coach for the boys and girls Snowboarding Teams and the co-advisor for the Robotics team and a co-advisor for the Athletic Council.
Favorite Movie: The Goonies
Favorite Football Team: The Steelers
Keys to pass my classes: Diet and Exercise.




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Driver Education


Perry Bove

Teacher / 802.527. 6511 /

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Keith Carlton

Dept Chair / 802.527. 6583 /
Nate Archambault

Teacher / 802.527. 6567 /
Jamie Bristol

Teacher / 802.527. 6438 /
Larissa Hebert

Teacher / 802.527. 6581 /

I teach 11th grade AP Language and Composition and American Literature courses. I live Fairfield with my husband, Thomas, and our daughter, Ella. In my free time, I like to travel with my family, play and teach piano, and read (of course!).


Jim Hill

Teacher / 802.527. 6588 /
Jacqueline Kaufman

Teacher / 802.527. 6434 /
Kieran Kivlehan

Teacher / 802.527. 6521 /
Jodi Martin

Teacher / 802.527. 6564 /
Polly Rico

Teacher / 802.527. 6589 /

I grew up in East Calais, Vermont but spent my summers on my grandparents' farm in Enosburgh, so Franklin County was like a second home. I went to U-32 High School and then attended UVM for both my undergraduate degree and my Masters. I am married with 2 kids. My hobbies are reading, gardening,and swimming.



Peter Riegelman

Teacher / 802.527. 6592 /
Eric Telfer

Teacher / 802.527. 6566 /
Barbara Tenney

Teacher / 802.527. 6421 /
Donald Tinney

Teacher / 802.527. 6568 /

Chair of the Vermont Standards Board for Professional Educators.
Serve on the National Education Association's board of directors.


Mary Ellen Tourville

Teacher / 802.527. 6480 /

I have taught in quite a few area schools over the last 20 years, and I can honestly say that BFA is my favorite! The students and teachers here care more about the community, their learning, and each other than anywhere else I've been. I live in Georgia with my husband and two kids (Allison is 13 and Joseph is 10). In my free time I enjoy riding horses, spending time on the lake, reading, gardening, and hanging out with my family. I love being a teacher because every day is an adventure. My goal is to help students make personal connections to what we are doing in class. I believe that students learn more when they see that what we are learning matters.



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Fine Arts


Dee Christie

Co Dept Chair / 802.527. 6584 /

I am a creative person who through my educational journey have returned to my high school alma mater, where I am literally teaching in the room I was born in. Not only do I teach @ BFA, I teach at my house after school & have a small art business selling my art that I Do in repurposed old books. Being a lifelong learner my thirst for knowledge is never quenched, and continue to take classes & workshops to educate myself. My biggest success is my students memories that I hear once they have graduated years later.



Eric Bushey

Co Dept Chairman / Teacher / 802.527. 6537 /

A native of Swanton, Vermont, Eric Bushey is a graduate of the University of Vermont with a degree in Music Education and Plymouth State University where he received a Masters in Instrumental Music Education. He has been the director of instrumental music at BFA, St. Albans since 1996 and was previously the Band Director at Waterbury Elementary School from 1993-1996. During his time at BFA time he has been responsible for Bands 1, 2, & 3, Beginning Guitar Class, Music Theory, String Orchestra, Jazz Band, Pit Orchestra, and Marching Band. Eric was voted the BFA “Teacher of the Year” in 2001. As the director of instrumental music at BFA, Bushey has created a vibrant Beginning Guitar Curriculum where he is able to teach students in one semester guitar techniques that help to keep them playing for a lifetime. Students from this class have gone on to both enjoy the guitar casually and even, in a couple of cases, major in guitar performance at both UVM and the Berklee School of Music. Bushey has also brought back the String Orchestra to BFA. This ensemble was last a part of the school’s curriculum before World War II. Students with previous string experience coupled with beginners have made this ensemble nearly double in size in the past two years. A strong foundation of string training basics has been the focus and the success of this ensemble. Eric has been featured as a saxophone soloist with the Vermont Wind Ensemble and the UVM Concert Band. He has performed with the Bach Wind Philharmonia, the Vermont Symphonic Winds, the UVM Saxophone Quartet, the Generation Sax Quartet, Sterling Weed’s Imperial Orchestra, the Swingin’ Vermont Big Band and several other Concert Bands and big bands throughout the state. Eric has performed on jazz, and funk guitar in the Nouveau Jazztet and Pushback quartet. His latest musical projects include The Stragglers and the Blue Rock Boys where he has focused on electric guitar and tenor and 5-string Banjos. He currently resides in Underhill, VT with his wife Aimee and children Noah and Ella.




Robert Harte

Teacher / 802.527. 6584 /


Alexis Kamitses

Teacher / 802.527. 6531 /
Armand Messier

Teacher / 802.527. 6538 /
Gerald Stoner

Teacher / 802.527. 6595 /
Karen Yandow

Teacher / 802.527. 6585 /

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Preston Randall

Guidance Director / 802.527. 6572 /
Judith Breitmeyer

School Counselor / 802.527. 6575 /
Laura Companion

Substance Abuse Clinician / 802.527. 6492 /
Ashley Demers

Home School Coordinator / 802.527. 6569 /
Debbie Doig

Secretary / 802.527. 6571 /
Kelly Hirss

Secretary / 802.527. 6570 /
Stephanie Hodgeman

School Counselor / 802.527. 6576 /
Chris Pepin

School Counselor / 802.527. 6573 /
Amy Turner

School Counselor / 802.527. 6574 /

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Richard Berthiaume

Dept Chair / 802.527. 6548 /

Graduated from MVU in 1979
Graduated from UVM in 1983
Worked at Milton from 1983 to 1986
Working at BFA from 1986 to Present
Married for 32 years to wife Melanie
A son Erik and a daughter Mikaela
Have coached soccer, softball, field hockey, and basketball over 1300 games.
Love to play golf
Live in Fairfield.


Luke Cioffi

Teacher / 802.527. 6551 /

1988 BFA Graduate I have been teaching and coaching at Bellows Free Academy since 1992. I have taught Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry, IMP and Pre-Calculus over those years. I was also the Information Technology director at one point. I have taught Algebra I and Pre-Calculus online for VHS and Vermont Virtual Learning Collaborative. Coaching is a passion of mine. I am currently coaching the varsity girls ice hockey team at BFA. I am fortunate to be one of the original coaches of the Comet hockey team. I am also coaching the Freshmen Football team. Family is very important. My wife, Michelle and I have two sons. Kyle is a freshmen at Vermont Tech and Isaac is a senior at Bellows Free Academy. Hobbies and Interests: Coaching, gardening, fishing, photography. Most memorable learning experience: Seeing a student know she/he made progress during the year. Seeing that individual transform into a confident learner.



Skyanna Goodland

Teacher / 802.527. 6543 /

I have been teaching for 13 years and love mathematics for it's beautiful logic.I truly care about each of my students and want everyone to feel better about their relationship with math. I also teach college level mathematics at CCV and started the concurrent enrollment program here at BFA so that students could get college credit for taking Pre-Calculus here at BFA. I grew up in Wasilla, Alaska and met my husband, Taylor Goodland, while teaching in Barrow, Alaska, with the polar bears and icebergs. My husband is also a teacher. He works as a 7th/8th grade math and social studies teacher at Saint Albans Town School. I have three sons, Winter, Whittier and Wrenley.


Tonja Gray

Teacher / 802.527. 6542 /

I am a native of St. Albans, Vermont and a 1987 graduate of BFA. Away from school, I am very interested in animal rights and gardening. I am also a Reiki Master.


Greg Hunter

Teacher / 802.527. 6540 /
Keith Jackson

Teacher / 802.527. 6548 /

I was born in Wisconsin and then my father joined the Air Force right away. We moved to Idaho for three years, England for three years, and then New Mexico for 12 years. I graduated from Clovis High School, in Clovis, New Mexico and then went to Texas Tech for a year. I joined the U. S. Army for three years and then spent 5 more in the Texas Army National Guard. I worked as an electrician and got my journeyman's license, before getting married and moving to Vermont. When my license did not transfer to Vermont, I decided to go back to UVM and get my teaching degree. I got my teaching degree in 2004 and was hired at BFA. My wife, Brenda, and I have two daughters, Meredith and Lindsey, and a black lab, Myson. I finished my Master's degree in 2014.


Karla Kane

Teacher / 802.527. 6546 /

I was born in St. Albans, VT and raised in Georgia, VT and attended Georgia Elementary/Middle School and BFA St. Albans. I was active in athletics at BFA (soccer, basketball, softball) and was in NHS and student council. After high school, I went to Keene State College in Keene, NH to earn my degree in mathematics education. I also played Division II basketball at Keene State. Upon graduation, I landed my absolute dream job...a return to BFA as a member of the mathematics department. I would not have wanted to teach and coach anywhere else because BFA is a special place full of wonderful people. Currently, I live in Georgia, in what was my childhood home, and very close to my sister and one of my nieces.


Jennifer Parent

Teacher / 802.527. 6545 /
Annelle Pomichter

Teacher / 802.527. 6550 /

I grew up in central New York and moved to Vermont in 1994. I live in Fairfax with my husband, Gary and beagle, Fowler. Both of my children Ben (21) and Emily (19) are attending UVM. I enjoy playing golf in my spare time.


Jana Rheaume

Teacher / 802.527. 6547 /
Mead Sturgeon

Teacher / 802.527. 6548 /

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Library / Media Center


Mary Jane Gaudreau

Secretary / 802.527. 6461 /
Peter Jones

Librarian / 802.527. 6460 /

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PE / Health


Krystal Norton

Dept Chair / 802.527. 6452 /
Patricia Bettinger

Teacher / 802.527. 6450 /
Josh Corrigan

Teacher / 802.527. 6532 /
Sarah Fabrizio

Teacher / 802.527. 6426 /

I was born in and raised in Enfield CT. I moved to Orono Maine to study Kinesiology and Physical Education. After graduation I moved to St. Albans to start teaching physical education for Bellows Free Academy. While teaching I enrolled in an outreach program for Southern New Hampshire University and received a Masters in Education. I enjoy exposing students to new activities and watching their learning. My goal for students who are enrolled in my class is, they find one physical activity that they enjoy and learn how to pursue that activity across their lifetime. When I am not teaching I also enjoy to write, ski, and coach for the VT Special Olympics.


Shawn Lefebvre

Teacher / 802.527. 6426 /

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Daniel Plimpton

Dept Chair / 802.527. 6439 /
Kristin Corrigan

Teacher / 802.527. 6442 /
Emily Eldred

Teacher / 802.527. 6445 /

(Emily's picture)

I have been teaching for 14 years now, all of them at BFA.  I graduated from the University of Vermont in 2001 with a B.A. in Biology and Anthropology. I also have a M.Ed. from UVM in Curriculum and Instruction. I teach Biology and Anatomy and Physiology. I love science and learning and find that my students teach me something new every day.  I am a life long Vermonter. I live in Winooski with my husband and two children. When I'm not here at school I enjoy reading, cooking, gardening and playing with my kids.


Tim Fugere

Teacher / 802.527. 6443 /
Chris Hungerford

Teacher / 802.527. 6447 /

I have been teaching science at BFA for the past ten years, since finishing my M. Ed in Education from Drexel University, and my B.S. in Science at St. Lawrence University. I currently teach Earth Science and Environmental Studies. I also run the gaming club and coach boys varsity golf at BFA. I grew up in St. Albans and graduated from BFA in 2000. I live in Georgia with my wife and our two sons. I enjoy spending time with family, watching sports, exercising, going to yard sales, and reading in my free time.



Tom Koldys

Teacher / 802.527. 6448 /
Margaret Magnan

Teacher / 802.527. 6440 /
Glenn McCabe

Teacher / 802.527. 6444 /

I started my career as an engineer designing jet engines. I changed my career path to teaching while I was serving with the Peace Corps in Vanuatu. When I returned from Vanuatu, I taught general science in a junior high school just outside of the Navajo reservation in New Mexico. For the last 10 years I have taught a variety of classes at BFA including chemistry, earth science, physics, and physical science. When I am not teaching I like spending time with family, playing games, or going for a run.



Jeffrey Rouleau

Teacher / 802.527. 6446 /

I grew up in Lewiston, Maine and my mom was an office manage, my dad was a truckdriver. I have 2 sisters and I brother. I graduated from McMahon Elementary School, Lewiston Junior High School and St. Dominic Regional High School. I got my BS in Biology from St. Michael's College and then did a year of volunteer work my wife in South Florida working with migrant farm worker families. I then taught for 2 years in that same community before moving back to Vermont. I taught for 4 years at Milton Junior High School, before coming to BFA in 2000. I have 5 children whom have all attended St. Albans City School and BFA. My oldest is 22 and my youngest is 9. My wife and I have been married since 1994.


Michelle Stinnett

Teacher / 802.527. 6440 /

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Social Studies


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Special Education

Julie Regimbal

Director of Special Education  FCSU / 802.527. /

802  524-2600 Ext. 12

Joanne Wells

Assistant Director of Special Education FCSU / 802.527. /

802 524-2600 Ext. 18

Heather Dunigan

Dept Chair / 802.527. 6410 /

School Psychologist

Kim Balcomb

School Psychologist / 802.527. 6493 /


Julie Shaffner

Teacher / SLP / 802.527. 6466 /

I am married and have 2 rambunctious, smart, creative, and wonderfully entertaining kids (kindergarten and second grade). I played soccer from a wee little one through college and I play lacrosse. I have been working in the field of speech-language pathology for 17 years. My favorite part is working with augmentative communication systems for nonverbal students and figurative language. Our language is so colorful and complicated and most people don't even realize it. It's loaded with multiple meanings, idioms, metaphors, etc. Up to 80% of communication is nonverbal. What?!? You have to "read" what someone is NOT saying with their words? Crazy, huh?!? No wonder struggling learners have difficulty picking up on all the complexities of conversation.


Learning Center

Sage Bernardini

Teacher / 802.527. 6415 /
Gerald Bonsall

Teacher / 802.527. 6412 /
Jennifer Champagne

Teacher / 802.527. 6412 /
Mary Donlon

Teacher / 802.527. 6410 /

I live in Williston, Vermont . I have two grown daughters and five grandchildren. I enjoy refinishing furniture and gardening.

Susan Jette

Teacher / 802.527. 6416 /
Daniel MacAndrews

Teacher / 802.527. 6414 /

From Arlington, VT Live in Essex Junction, VT
Wife, Helen, is a former BFA Science teacher who now teaches at CVU
2 children: Daughter Rowan (7) & son Declan (4) Dog: Lucy, Cat: Leish
Love sports, specifically hockey, football & baseball
Favorite teams: Detroit Red Wings, San Diego Chargers & Washington Nationals (b'c I grew up a Montreal Expos fan)
Favorite thing to do: Fly fishing

Cathy Martell

Teacher / 802.527. 6416 /
Laurie Plante

Teacher / 802.527. 6415 /


Martha Bonneau

Teacher / 802.527. 6413 /

Community Integration Program

Kasia Bilodeau

Special Educator / 802.527. 6486 /
Brenda Calano

Para Educator / 802.527. 6475 /
Deborah King

Para Educator / 802.527. 6475 /
Roy Sargent

Special Educator / 802.527. 6489 /
Laura Shail

Special Educators / 802.527. 6476 /
Jessica Wilson

Teacher / 802.527. 6488 /

Teacher of the Deaf

Melissa Adams-Silva

Teacher of the Deaf / 802.527. 6489 /

Melissa Kate Adams-Silva is a Vermont native, born in Middlebury and raised in Fair Haven. She is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts and a Masters in Deaf Education. She has worked in New York, Colorado, Arizona, Massachusetts, and Vermont in both private and public schools as an Art teacher, an American Sign Language (ASL) teacher, a teacher for behavioral students, as well as a Teacher of the Deaf (TOD). She previously taught ASL as a college professor at Southern Vermont College, Community College of Vermont, and Castleton University. While teaching at the high schools and colleges she had also taught at two technical schools in Vermont. She currently teaches at Bellows Free Academy as a TOD, is the advisor for the ASL club, and works at the St. Albans Recreational Department teaching ASL. Along with being busy as an educator, she also enjoys hosting paint parties during her free time for signers and non-signers and those who just want to have fun painting while learning new signs. Melissa Kate, aka MK, currently resides in Saint Albans, VT with her husband Adam and their four children Yuki, In-Shik, Kaemon, and Miki whom are all homeschooled.


ASL Interpreters

Hilda Costello

ASL Interpreter / 802.527. 6477 /

NOVUS Program

Elijah Church

Teacher / 802.527. 6429 /
Randy Clark

Teacher / 802.527. 6485 /
Michael Szewko

Teacher / 802.527. 6484 /

Para Professionals

Tammy Blais

Para Educator / 802.527. 6475 /
Stephanie Branon

Para Educator / 802.527. 6413 /
Laurie Briggs

Para Educator / 802.527. 6413 /
Martha Burns

Para Educator / 802.527. 6413 /
Brenda Calano

Para Educator / 802.527. 6475 /
Lindsey Calano

Para Educator / 802.527. 6577 /
Louise Fitzgerald

Teacher / 802.527. 6477 /
Nikki Hall

Para Educator / 802.527. 6475 /
Debra Harris

Para Educator / 802.527. 6477 /
Amanda Higdon

Para Educator / 802.527. 6413 /
Carol Hodet

Para Educator / 802.527. 6413 /
Deborah King

Para Educator / 802.527. 6475 /
Eileen Mercier

Para Educator / 802.527. 6475 /
Casey Painter

Para-educator / 802.527. 6413 /
Lee Patterson

Para-educator / 802.527. 6468 /
Lori Ploof

Para-educator / 802.527. 6477 /
Sarah Rawson

Para-educator / 802.527. 6477 /
Pat Thompson

Para-educator / 802.527. 6468 /
Carla Trombly

Para-educator / 802.527. 6413 /
Julie West

Para-educator / 802.527. 6477 /


Student Services

Scott Cooledge

Teacher / 802.527. 6462 /
Kathy Bennett

Para-Educator / 802.527. 6462 /
Neal Smith

Teacher / 802.527. 6462 /
Ashley Demers

Home School Coordinator / 802.527. 6569 /
Penelope Gratton

Tutor / 802.527. 5558 /

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World Languages / Classics

Lydia Batten

Dept Chair / 802.527. 6560 /

I was born and raised in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, and after attending UVM in Burlington, got married, had three sons, and followed my husband and his career changes to Connecticut and Massachusetts, finally ending up back in Vermont in 2004. I came to the teaching profession when my sons were older, starting out as a long term sub and staying for 6 years. At this time I pursued my Master's Degree at UMASS Amherst. We finally returned to Vermont and I started working here at BFA in 2012. When I am not involved in the teaching world, I am immersed in art through my passion for calligraphy. I have a studio where I create, attend workshops and conferences, and often do wedding design and invitation work. My sons are all grown up and married, and my husband and I live in Jericho, Vermont and look forward to visiting (or being visited by) our three grandchildren who live in Vermont and Massachusetts.



Paula Johnson

Teacher / 802.527. 6562 /

Born and raised in St. Albans and graduated from BFA in '73. Lived one year in Delano, California where I went to kindergarten at a Catholic school. Attended Catholic schools all my educated life except for 4 years at BFA. Majored in French and Drama at Marymount College, received masters in Bilingual/Bicultural education from Boston University and my certificate of advanced graduate studies (education) from Southern New Hampshire University. My dad taught US History at BFA and my aunt (Ruth Mulvey for whom there is a business scholarship given in her name at graduation every year) taught in the business department and later a guidance counselor here. I have my administrators license and served as Title VII Director of FNESU. I have served as acting Principal of Highgate Elementary school and Milton High School and Elementary school. In my time at BFA I have been the Varsity girls tennis coach, advisor to Freshman, Sophomore and Senior Classes, led many trips to France, served on LSB and as its Chair, was advisor to Foreign Language Club, served on School Improvement Team and have been drama assistant. I have been in 3 of the 4 student musicals at BFA. I am retiring in June 2017 after 18 years at BFA.


Kristi Leet

Teacher / 802.527. 6563 /

Background I am originally from the small town of West Pawlet, VT, located 2 ½ hours south of here. (Coincidentally, some of your lockers may actually have been manufactured there.) I started learning French in 8th grade, and it quickly became my favorite class. It came easily to me and I loved learning it! I continued my study of French in college, along with English and Education, at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas. At Harding I was involved in the French club, the Omega Lambda Chi social club, and Spring Sing, a music and dance showcase. Perhaps my most memorable semester was the one I spent abroad in London, England. I lived and studied in London for three months and traveled to many other parts of Britain and Europe. Living in France After graduation I spent seven months in France working as an English assistant in a high school. I lived in Lyon, the third-largest city in France, famous for its food and proximity to the Alps. This opportunity significantly improved both my mastery of the French language and my understanding of French culture. I actually lived in the high school where I taught, in a little hallway with small bedrooms for the assistants. They became my close friends, along with many of the other American assistants there that year, and even real Lyon residents whom I met at Church. I had the opportunity to travel to other French cities, including Arles, Avignon, Chamonix, Dijon, Marseille, and Paris. Near the end of my stay, my then-boyfriend came to visit. We took a trip to Paris, where he proposed to me under the Eiffel Tower! It sounds romantic, but I knew it was coming and actually was a bit disappointed that I wasn't surprised, haha. Teaching For the past seven years I have been back in my home state, working as a French teacher. This is my fourth year here at BFA. My goal as a teacher is to share the language with students in a way that is both academic and fun.


Olga Saldarriaga

Teacher / 802.527. 6559 /

I am a Spanish teacher with 11 years of experience, 6 of them working at BFA. I live in Saint Albans with my family. I was born and lived in Colombia for more than 30 years. I have a mastery of the Spanish context and culture and its applications in different life contexts. I lived and worked in Colombia, France, Japan, Nicaragua and Spain. I have visited 23 countries in the world including several European countries and other countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Perú and Cuba. I graduated in Communication Arts with a Major on Non Formal Education from the Externado of Colombia University in Bogota, Colombia. I attended the University of Paris VIII (Vincennes-Saint Denis) in Paris, France where I received a Master’s Diploma of Advanced Studies in Theater and Film. In 2005 I decided to take the journey of education in USA. I love to work at BFA where I am also the International Club Adviser and collaborate with the dance teacher on Latin dances.


James Thurber

Teacher / 802.527. 6560 /

My name is James Thurber, and this is my fourth year teaching Spanish at BFA. Before joining our school, I taught at Montpelier and Essex High School. I received my B.A. in Spanish from Saint Michael’s College and my M.A.T. from the University of Vermont. In addition, I have been lucky enough to live and study in Seville, Spain. Beyond the Spanish language, I am passionate about history and art history, with a particular interest in medieval Spain. Outside of class, I love to enjoy the outdoors, including hiking, running, and playing soccer. Finally, for those invested in Spain’s la liga, I support Real Madrid over Barcelona.
¡Vamos Madrid!



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