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Welcome to Moulton’s ‘We The People’ Webpage!

‘We The People’ is a heterogeneous (mixed ability level) class that takes a look at the foundations of our American political ideals and explores how those beliefs shape our students today.

We will begin our journey by learning the differences between liberals and conservatives, as well as Democrats and Republicans, through a series of classroom activites. The students will then learn where their own ideologies fit in and analyze the sources of their opinions.

We will also take a philosophical and historical look at our system of government and understand how our plan of government and our rights have struggled to evolve throughout this great experiment we call a democracy.

It is my intent to make this course as real and as relevant as possible.  Students and parents are encouraged to stay well informed about the local, national, and international events so we can actively examine these issues and create a dialogue about the very key question that divides many Americans’ beliefs:  What should be the role of our American government?


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In the space provided below on this very webpage, I will be posting the agenda for each WTP class so that parents and students may be well informed about classroom activities and assignments that occurred during our class time together.  It is my hope that students will check in frequently to this webpage to serve as a reminder for homework assignments, tests, or projects, as well as to update any students who were absent from class.

Moreover, I hope that parents will use this page to monitor our daily agenda to help ensure their student’s success.



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Important Documents

Course Description

Teacher-Parent Mission Letter


Classroom Resources / Unit Plans 
Unit One–Political Ideologies (PDF Copy of the Unit Plan)Classroom Surveys


Helpful Websites/Issues:  Please note–I have gathered these sites below in an effort to provide you with more information.  Some of the sites may have a certain agenda, whereas some of them my be unbiased.  Opinions from both sides have been gathered below so you can determine your own ideology.  I will continue to provide more links for you soon.  For now, please feel free to investigate the following sites.


Unit Two:  Types of Government: 

Types Of Government Unit Plan (471.2 KiB)

Unit Two:  Types of Government Text


Unit Three:  Foundations of Government Unit Plan

Foundations Of Governmnet Unit Plan (417.8 KiB)


Unit Three:  Foundations of Government Text

Unit 3 (164.7 KiB)


Unit Four:  The Bill of Rights Unit Plan


Unit Four:  The Bill of Rights Text (Newsletter):  

Bill Of Rights Newsletter (981.8 KiB)


Study Skills / Study Links
Quizlet Website
U.S. Map WebsiteThe Annenberg Guide to the U.S. ConstitutionShays’ Rebellion Part I VideoShays’ Rebellion Part II VideoShays’ Rebellion Part III VideoShays’ Rebellion Part IV VideoShays’ Rebellion Part V VideoThe History of Capital Punishment